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Wed., Jan 25, 2017

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My personal experience in career development and advocacy for Taiwan

Mark Kao, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, Janssen Research and Development LLC.

President, Taiwanese American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mark Kao (高龍榮) was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He went to study at National Chung-Hsing University majoring in Entomology, and later became interested in toxicological studies on pesticides. In 1979 he went to study at North Carolina State University where he earned his Ph.D. in Toxicology. He then did his postdoctoral research at NIH and Cornell University, and decided he prefers industry over academic career. Since then he worked for Bayer, BASF, American Cyanamid, Wyeth and recently for Janssen (J&J) on the safety issues related to the use of agricultural, animal health and human pharmaceuticals. He is currently Scientific Director at Janssen Research and Development LLC., a subsidiary of J&J. At J&J he works on preclinical development of treatments for rare diseases, cancers, bioterrorism, metabolic and CNS disorders.

While in graduate school at North Carolina Mark joined Taiwanese Student Association on campus and started his involvement in promoting democracy and human rights in Taiwan. He later became the founding Director of the Taiwanese collegian; a US based Taiwanese student organization, to form an alliance with several US Taiwanese student organizations to promote democracy and human rights in Taiwan. Because of those activities he was banned from returning Taiwan for almost 15 years. He had served as President of Taiwanese Associations in Ithaca, Kansas City and New Jersey, and the Chairman of the Board of Director for Chen Wen-Chen Memorial Foundation, and President of Formosan Association of Public Affairs (FAPA). Mark is the current President of Taiwanese American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (TAAP台美藥劑協會). The main TAAP objectives are to help Taiwanese pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan to help US-based Taiwanese develop their career (

Mark is married to Su-Mei with two daughters, Megan and Jennifer.

高龍榮是現任台美藥劑協會會長和紐澤西台灣同鄉會會長. 他曾任台灣人公共事務會總會長,怡色佳,堪薩斯,和紐澤西台灣同鄉會會長,美東夏令會召集人. 高龍榮曾任台灣學生社社長, 發行”台灣學生”報紙. 他關心人權及台灣主權,曾任陳文成基金會理事長, 台灣人權會理事, 他畢業於北卡州立大學, 現定居美國紐澤西州.他和太太林素梅育有兩女,怡玫和怡真.

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