Tue, Oct 20, 12:00-1:00 PM, 2015

Austin | UT Austin, BME 1.112 Houston | BCM, N317 Dallas | UT Southwestern, NA 6.214 College Station | Texas A&M, ILSB 3145

Career Talk: How Do I Made Up My Mind to Pursue A Pharmaceutical Career: Perspective from A Scientist, A Wife And A Mother

Tzuling Cheng (Linkedin) from Dallas Scientist, Peloton Therapeutics

Dr. Cheng is an energetic and motivated biologist with expertise in oncology and tumor metabolism. In this seminar, she is going to share us with her experience of how to make a major career transition from academia to biotech, how to work in a startup pharmaceutical company, how to prepare an interview, and the differences between academia and industry. Dr. Cheng got her Ph.D. degree of Cell Biology from UT Southwestern Medical Center in 2008 and continued her post-doctoral research form 2009 to 2012 in which she won a Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) postdoctoral fellowship award. In 2012, she changed her career path and devoted herself into a pharmaceutical startup company- Peloton Therapeutics as a scientist. She develops cell-based assays for drug compound screening, identify mechanism of action (MOA) for targets and strategize clinical biomarker identification. Furthermore, she will reveal how she strikes a balance between family and work as a female scientist, a wife, and a mother. How she manages her different roles in life will be a valuable experience sharing with you who want to pursue the rocky road of biomedical science.


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