Thu, Sep 3, 7:00-8:00 PM, 2015

Austin | UT Austin, BME 1.112 Houston | BCM, M321 Dallas | UT Southwestern, NA 5.218 College Station | Texas A&M, MSC 2507

Summer Advanture: Hunting Down An Internship & Summer Schools

Sariel Li PhD Candidate, UT Austin Shou-Ting Yen PhD Candidate, BCM Yen-Liang Liu PhD Student, UT Austin

Sariel (Chia-Ling), a Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience program at UT-Austin, will share her experience of searching for internships, making decisions, her work and life during the internship at Germany, and the outcomes. Shou-Ting, as a developmental biologist, always seek opportunities in multidisciplinary training. This summer, he joined the extremely rigorous and intellectually inspiring cell physiology course at Marine Biology Lab, Woods Hole. This historically renowned course brings young scientists from all over the world to push science forward since 1888. Even Nobel laureate James Watson is one of the course alumni. Shuo-Ting will share his unparalleled experience during the course and give suggestions to people who are interested in the summer courses. Yen-Liang attended q-bio Summer School at Albuquerque that aims at advancing predictive modeling of cellular regulation and other information processing phenomena. He will share his story about how modelers and experimentalists communicate with each other and evaluate the extremely high potential energy between them once they build up close partnership.


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