BTBA x TTBA Webinar 04

Sat, Mar 21, 1:00-3:00 PM, 2015

Austin | UT Austin, BME 4.202H Houston | BCM M319.06 Dallas |

Dissecting nitrate signaling in Arabidopsis

Dr. Kun-Hsiang Odiel Liu Research Fellow, Mass General Hospital

相信大家對於植物需要『氮』養分並不陌生,但你知道土壤中的『氮』來源(硝酸鹽)除了提供植物養份之外,還會怎麼影響植物的生長嗎? 非常開心可以邀請到Dr. Kun-Hsiang Odiel Liu來與我們分享他的研究,探討阿拉伯芥的 “nitrate signaling”。我們將和BTBA進行視訊連線,歡迎大家來參加!

Abstract Pregnenolone (P5) is a neurosteroid that improves memory and neurological recovery. It is also required for zebrafish embryonic development. However, its mode of action is unclear. Here I show that P5 promotes cell migration and microtubule polymerization by binding to a microtubule-plus-end-tracking cytoplasmic linker protein 1 (CLIP-170). CLIP-170 was captured from zebrafish embryonic extract by a P5 photoaffinity probe conjugated to diaminobenzophenone and identified by LC-MS/MS analysis. P5 interacted with CLIP-170 at its coiled-coil domain and changed it into an extended conformation. This increased CLIP-170 interaction with microtubules, dynactin subunit p150Glued, and LIS1; it also promoted CLIP-170-dependent microtubule polymerization. CLIP-170 was essential for P5 to promote microtubule abundance and zebrafish epiboly migration during embryogenesis; overexpression of the P5-binding region of CLIP-170 delayed this migration. P5 also sustained migration directionality of cultured mammalian cells. My results show that P5 regulates microtubule polymerization and cell migration via activating CLIP-170. Besides regulating microtubules, P5 also promoted resistance to the F-actin disrupting agent. P5 or CLIP-170 deficient embryos showed abnormal F-actin architectures and decreased endocytotic activity. P5 controlled interaction of CLIP-170 to the small GTPase Rho effector, mDia1. It suggests that P5 and CLIP-170 stabilize F-actin via mDia1. Together, P5 and CLIP-170 promote zebrafish embryonic movement by controlling both microtubule and F-actin.


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